Sapphire Kristallnacht

The Throne of God is desribed

The Water that we drink is imbibed

The Rain swelling like a serpent

The Eyes behind like to repent

Back down on earth there are prices to pay

And people that accuse us and all that we say

But There is one man who defies all of the odds

With every waking moment, 'till the hour he nods

A man who lives his life and lives for the blue

He lives for the people and for keeping them true

He lives for the ladies and women alike

He lives in the moment and then takes a hike

He lives in a house and can sneak out of his room

He travels the roads and woods with his stolen broom

Walking stick in hand he's ready for all takers

For the birthing dangers and babymakers  

He'll take on Dr. Doom and metal and alloy

He's less of a hero and more than a boy

Sapphire heightens and picturesque viewing

Fire that's red and the evil it's spewing

The blue and white aurora flying so high

siezed by red and black clipping the sky

Breaking the soft polished works of the hands

Forgetting about pride and whatever else stands

He starts to venture and takes all the blows

From the evil that conforms and again when it grows

A stoppage, a defense, a juggernaunt friend

A rape, escape, again this must end

setting it right as he points to the sky

Revealing the gem that is both on finger and eye

Champion Champion what did you die for?

for The War?

for Peace?

But You started the war

You started the peace

It's starting to piece back together for me

Seeing myself there in a moment I'm free

Good and evil and red sails and white

I'm not a fighter but I love to fight

Just a point of view on a spectrum it is

but this gem he conceals, most of all it is his

I must confess I must condemn

I'll spit my fire and forge my gem

I'll pour my heart out and make it anew

Broken glass for me and Hell for you

I have been clipped when I was down and now my wrath walks lonely through town.

I am Saphhire

You, in the Red

You owe me everything until you are dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my state ring, and the night I pointed at the banner. Kristallnacht, night of broken glass.

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K.Zook's picture

Hey Paul...This is an awesome poem. I really like all of them, but this one stuck out. What you did that night at the game was pretty damn cool...I've gotta admit. But it really sucked what happened after that...I'm sorry for it!!...and good luck in college...<3

jaime's picture

this poem is SO great!! you are so damn clever. i hate them! and i hate those stupid bastards who did that to you! let them steal they only did it b/c they want to be like you, if they could only wear the blue;)

Kris Grula's picture

This is beautiful. I loved this entire peice. THank you for this read