Consequently Consequences

Consequently, Consequences can cause a man to die

Seriously, Seriousness can make a poor girl cry

Rightly, Righteousness can right the wrong

That we all blame for lack of fame

Onwards and upwards we travel these times

Consequently parading like so many mimes

I'd be the first one to tell you all off

But everyone would continue to snuff, snort, and scoff

Consequences began  

Consequences begun

Consequences for a night of alkalined fun

Basically, Basics are checked at The Doors

Worstly, Worshipping the virgintine whores

Consequences and Truths await at the Judgementations

All a Fired up like the second Penticostal Damnations

Author's Notes/Comments: 

consequently, this is the poem dealt with social fires and also virgintine is a cool word.

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Kris Hoffman's picture

Most think its an amazement when a write can give you one image. You just gave me more than one image. Great write