Leather bound books all in a row

When layed flat, it's difficult to grow

And it could grow a little if you make it so

Nurture it, water it, seeing it glow

But it can't grow a little if you let it yet

Touching it, Choking it, gambling that bet

Leather is strong and lather my song

with serenades and serenity just for me

Weather is rough and I'd rather be tough  

with my choice and choosings to be

But Leather is black and leather is back

And She says leather is right, if only for tonight.

Seeding and sowing and touching and growing

These books are deeply inbedded in brains

This hook is deeply in bed with the stains

Of bleeding hearts that sex panther starts

When star struck vessels reel with the pains

Let me read from these books and release my many hooks

This leather-bound demon knows my name

This leather-bound demon knows my fame

She knows my number, my soul, my axis and pole

My hopes and dreams and fears and screams

My anguish and surrenders, my heart and it's blenders

My outstreched arms, my coat of arms

My fury and wrath of traveling this path

My lust or bust


                   is her way

She'll take me there

Yea She's given me a book and I've taken a look

But I ain't seen no pages I'd like to recite

I've seen enough hate to start to debate

on whether this leather is bound to be right

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Black. Leather. Shant I go any further into this?

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Kris Hoffman's picture

Wow, great choice of words to say the least. This is excellent.