Perpetually Stuck

Perpetually Stuck in my house all night

No one to cast out and no one to fight

No crutches for on me for which to limp

No bitches for on me for which to pimp

What the world's coming to a question I ask

No party for me that I can't do in task

Sitting on stained couches and riding down slides

Girl on some love trip makes sure what she hides

No license for me, no car I can't take

No movies for me, they were all my mistake

People are not coming, girls are not going

Can't go to the theatre, no good shows are showing

Make best; come to grips of a horrible night

So Tomorrow will bring better hours in sight

Perpetually stuck in house all day

I've got nothing to do and nothing to say


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my life as a sophomore

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jaime's picture

i had a day like this last week. i was forced to stay home thou bc i was grunded.. idk if that compares paul but it sucks being stuck at home with no where to go and no one to care about you. i wish i would have known that day, i would have stayed home with you. i wish u were home last sunday to stay home with me:(