Beginning from the start of this

Still dreaming of our never miss

I could write a whole list

But I'll give you the gist

Of my Amy-Thyst

Sober me up from the depth of this cup

Still watching that purple clad body float by

Where ever we're going I'm not worried of knowing

still focused on you and the way that you fly

Now, I'm beginning to see

You're looking at me

Now, my vision impaired

I'm seeing you've stared

My Amythyst is what I have wished

That I could find around this place

With drink in hand it's getting harder to stand

But I'm a better man when I see your face

My Amythyst and what I have missed

The perfection of hair and your eyes and thier glare

My Amythyst and what I have missed

Why does everyone say you're Two Years away?

You're right here with me

Now, in this place

Face next to face

Dreams coming true the colors cover you

Amethyst blends into Sapphire Blue

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Amethyst is a stone of purple-pinkinsh tones, Amythyst is a girl.  Amethyst stones were said to cure drunkeness, sober peeps up. Not a beer goggles song:  This song is about a girl who can make the world seem right when it is tipsy.

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jaime's picture

this is simply beautiful. i wonder what it'd be like to see the world through your eyes paul... it must be amazing.

anonymous's picture

wow paul what a great poem! i really liked it

Blanthum Artisande's picture

You know what the Bellamy Brothers always be sayin':
She's waitin' for that moment of surrender
Her hands are calloused but her heart is tender
And I pray that someday I will find me a redneck girl

Julia Sundstrom's picture

I love this poem...theres just something about it...