Sin Equals Without

Oh No

We begin with the sin

Everyone does  everyone does

True winners are sinners

-That makes us beginners

Everyone everyone everyone wins

gain to lose, lose to find

The trails and tortures are all left behind

The sin on your hand the guilt in my eyes

It comes as no surprize when everyone cries

everyone cries

And everyone dies

Dying, Who's dying? You're twisted and lying

Cries are buyers, and buyers- suppliers

Compiling our misfortunes into a get well card

Life isn't hard- go buy a card

It'll make you smile

And then for a while

You'll remember the sin to begin

Everyone Everyone doing thier part

Everyone Everyone beginning to start

Sin lets you grin

Who cares who does frown?

You'll never be down

what do you care?

You wouldn't dare

Sin is without

Sin is within

Just why oh why does everyone let you begin?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

en espanol (tilde sobre n) sin es without

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jaime's picture

this was unexpected and it made me smile.