Shaved Head

I shaved my head

     and I became

A motiff of power

     and strength

Walk a length

     a stretch of hall

Strut Strider

Ride on rider

You've got strength you know

The numbers don't lie

     in the schools you've been taught

It's impossible to die

     in the battles you've fought

All of your short comings and strifes

Have been guilty of taking up too much of your lives

You bullshiter, Don't bullshit to me

I'll shave my head and once again

     I'll find myself and lose my friend

I'll become something  greater at most

     I'll be cocky and more than able to boast

That I have this shaven head so that you can always see

And it'll always be on my mind until the end of me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's ok i'll shave my head, and i'm not sad, and just maybe...just maybe i'm to blame for what i've heard, but i'm not sure.    Yeaaaaaaaaaa -aaaahhh

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atta boy!

Lou Pignatelli's picture

This is an interesting perspective. The voice is unique and revealing, and powerful. It's really tough to critique poetry on the internet; it's far easier doing in person.