Arson! She Screamed As I Spontaneously Combusted

The biggest lie I could ever tell

Is that some day I will see you in Hell

Hey you, dear you listen closely to the expression on my face

speaking throughout my body language eyes racing down you at rapid style pace

underhanded and dirty your deeds and

Hey you, dear you, put your heart in your throat

keep the sugar, that was on your candy paint coat

Keep it in your pants

save it for the next dance

Keep it to your pants the ones you left somewhere else, tie them over your head and lose everything else you said you forget to remember about things you deem ember to burn into the back burner of your fired up return to send her red hot candy cane flaming sparkling burnt out fusion of trust you call: Honesty.

Honestly, Honey sugar burns the truth through you like the dessert  you've deserted, you've left unalerted, you gave in you flirted

Sugar Burns faster than Blood

Put in your engine it consumes you

It Dooms you

Sugar Burns faster than perfumes and oil

you couldn't wait and you princess flicker unroyal

Face the fire

no more desire

Well yes, matter of factly I'm dead sure exactly

that I, yes I have been lost, and not even close to found

I am lost and at this stage of being I am bound

put out your fire

there is no burning liar

The Truth is what burns me today.

scorching arose

my love is not chosen

sugar boils at various degrees

no forgiveness with you on your knees

sugar for crystals, crystalline show

stalling, crying, crystals you know

well lost in your fire

lost my desire

lost, lost, lost

My burning light, in the middle of the night

used to be, used to be,


but You, I now see

weren't on fire for me

so the darkness loses interest in us


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I absolutely love the title

I absolutely love the title on the poem.  It reminds me of some of Philip K. Dick's science fiction titles.  In one of his novels, he mentions a fictional book entitled. "I Rose From The Dead In Mt Spare Time, And You Can Too."  This poem's title is as good as that!


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Rather dull and predictable

Rather dull and predictable

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That isn't very nice.  Are

That isn't very nice.  Are yours any better?


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