Where do I begin?


To have thought maybe

there would be good coming out of this.


For me, I have learn alot.

Who I was and where I was headed,

now changing my course and addressing issues

in me that needed change.


Apologizing so many times,

feeling guilty for the things I have done,

feeling as if I had corrupted you.


When that too was a lie.

I am sickened by the mere thoughts.



Yet, I have survived the constant torment,

the malicious attacks

the selfish act you took out on me.


I would have hoped you would

have seen your ways and accepted

my response.


Instead of doing everything you could

and acting out of selfishness


I tried to make it work

out of the sake for you,

not for me.

And that too was wrong.


I was still the one to blame



I did my best,

and still I had been

fed to the wolves.


Trampled and stabbed by your words

on a weekly basis.

Attacked outright.


The constant turmoil I still face

as if this just happened.


I wish you would open up your eyes and

give up your pride,

stop being stubborn,

and see how far you have fallen



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