Altitude Sickness

Absolute innocence
Complete Tranquilly and peace
A love a trillion dollars could not take away
Mother and baby
Two humans now but as one as they once were Eleven months past
Always will be linked forever
Even after death and dust and the passing of millennia
This union of love is constant in the infinite cosmos that we all shall return too
Old eyes meet young but understand that they project safety and care
A few seconds of Earths time
Priceless embrace
Mothers kiss as soft as an angels wings
Their minds empty of everything but this moment
Baby holds Mothers finger and smiles
Powerfully charged happiness
Totally immeasurable
If an onlooker could steal a glance they would know
This moment is why we are borne of a woman
For she can only truly know this overwhelming bond of love
For three small minutes they were truly happy
Until the fourth minute when a thousand pound bomb
Incinerates them both and wipes them from this earth
Dropped by a pilot bringing them democracy
He never knew of the crime he had just perpetrated
The morality of altitude protected his memories
“Sush Sush go to sleep my darling,”
Whispers the pilots wife to his Eleven month old baby.

© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A small casualty of War that nobody hears about

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