`Its not about Oil?`

Roll up boys and girls

Come take the Queens shilling
Iraq’s better than the dole
The scenery is thrilling

This is no Crusade
Has nothing to do with Bush
Move along, sit down
No need to crush

How old are you son?
17 good lad
You can’t  vote for Blair
But your Parents will be glad

That you’re in good hands
Your career we will further
But if you actually fire that rifle
We may charge you with murder.


© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was going to say something then I realised that we do not live in a free country anymore.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I see where you are coming from without further comment beyond on the one you made. Having a young son myself I can more then relate.My son is 26 and I've fear for over a year he would have to go to Iraq. My view ,we don't belong there!Bush is an asshole in my opinion and I don't care who knows it.