Deaths just around the corner
I can see his scythe
No surprises, he’s here at my invitation
I’ve had a bellyful of this earthly sentence
The `Pull yourself together` crowd
Make me puke
`Yes, Yes, Yes, I know
Pull the slide back
Safety off, ha ha!!
Where to Mr Reaper?



© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

At this moment in time death seems a better option than life.

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keith hudson's picture

some people call them cowards but they are not . What hell have they been near or by. I know people who have taken their lives they had reach a point. You try to help but if you do not understand how can you help. Do you see the same nightmares night after night . Do see you hear the seem sounds wizzing around the head .
All you can do is try to understand but no matter how hard you try you not on the same Freq.

Jenny Pearson's picture

Okay, despite the subject matter and the fact that death is not the way, it is a good poem. Deep, telling your deepest thoughts. It's good.

mack619's picture


Thank you for your comments. In no way am I suggesting that suicide is the answer, I am writing about something that unoftunately happens way to often especially to ex military that have been in War and now have PTSD. In my War 255 men were killed in action in 8 weeks , since then more than 300 have taken their own lives, the same can be said for many other Wars, but like murder, rape, and other crimes, it happens. I write how I think and feel.Cry