`Rifle Oil`

Oh that comforting smell of rifle oil
Cold metal against skin
Strength through superior firepower
Objective is to win
Advance to contact rounds firing a wall of steel
Dead mans click its bayonnet time
Dear God this is for real
I stab at the flesh
Through fingers they grasp
Please die please die
How long can you last
Ammunition reload dive into next trench
The blood the cordite an ungodly stench
From whence came great noise
Now ears buzzing in silence
My brothers in arms
Unleashing just violence
This trench is now my home
My blood forever in soil
Clean rifle check map drink tea
Oh that comforting smell of rifle oil.


© Tony McNally


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giajl's picture

Hi Mack,
I hate you for this one. I think it's brilliant. i wanted to do something along similar lines .but anything else now would just be pure theft mate.
Take care .

Best of luck in all you do.
Keep your family safe and well.

All roads lead to Hell, but we both know that
At the moment the road has merely forked.

Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!