`Mother dear Mother`

Mother help me please I'm cold and hurt and bleeding, I'm all alone and lost, please take me home dear Mother.
It's getting dark I'm in trouble now, I'm sorry Mother, I will eat my supper and go to bed, it's hurting a lot dear Mother.
Don't tell Father he will be mad, my trousers are ripped and my head is bleeding, please sing me a lullaby, I'm your
baby boy dear Mother.
My eyes are open but I cannot see, why do you leave me here to cry? I love you Mother.
The pain is so bad I cannot breathe, please bathe my wounds and make it go dear Mother.
I hear you Mother I knew you would come, please dry my tears, I love you so dear Mother.

"Sergeant you've missed a body over here, bag it and tag it."


© Tony McNally

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Robert C Millar's picture

Tony. Good poem mate. Well written

F Sub

jgupta's picture

Dear Tony, how I hate war and wars. Wish these warmongers wouldn't be such great War lovers but more loving towards their children.

Keith Hudson's picture

Ass you grow you know that yyer Mum still love you. When that sad day comes and you kiss yoour mum good ye for the final time you feel so alone so alone .

Hilda Yarker's picture

Tony, I am moved to tears, I have just spent the last hour reading your work on here but this one more than any made me sob. Like you my brother fought in the Falklands in 1982, I remember clearly the day he went and the immediate effect this had on our Mum, she cried constantly, I was forever reassuring her that Ian would be fine, he was as tough as they come, nothing would hurt him, he was invincible he was a Royal Marine etc.. Nothing did the trick, she watched every newreel read every paper hungry to know how her baby was doing. I was the one who opened the door to the strange man in the suit on Saturday evening 12th June 1982 who asked to speak to my Mum, I heard her collapse on the landing at the sound of this mans voice, her biggest fear brought to life, something awful had happened to her baby.............. I now am a mother of a 10 year old boy called Jack and now I understand. Ian was eventually able to fly home to Briers Norton (not sure how you spell it) and sent to HMS Hassler to further recover from his physical wounds, but as you and many others know the deepest wounds remain hidden. My thoughts and wishes are with you all, always. Hilda Yarker