I'm happy and sad
Compassionate and bad
Can't sleep at night
Can't do anything right
I wanna be alone
But not on my own
I'm in love but I hate
I'm a burden on the state
I'm possesed by the war
I killed what for?

I see shrinks
I see doc's
Remember my arctic socks
I'm disloyal cause I'm ill
Is it right to kill
I can hide in a crowd
My face a grey shroud
I cry for no reason

My country shouts treason
All the pills and the booze
Make bad memories ooze
I was 19 in June
Under a bright crystal moon
I died that day
But I'm still here to say
For the brave and the free
My award PTSD.


© Tony McNally

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Amber Street's picture

Hey, Awesome Poem!!! I truly believe that it takes a lot to be in any countrys army. I could never imgaine taking anothers life, i am thankful everyday for people like you who go out and sacrafice their sanity, security, and sometimes their lives. I dont look at people who have served in the army, as murders, i look at them as saviors, becuase without them so many more people would have died. God Bless---