Thirty-three years I’ve been here on this hill
Still I’m the age of 18
Il wait at my post for my mates to return
Who get older each time it does seem

You have put on a few pounds
Your hair it’s gone grey, but I remember that look in your eyes
When we loaded our rifles and charged up this hill Explosions lighting up the skies

I wish you could stay longer but I know you must go 
But don’t worry I will always be here
To watch over this hill, looking out for the foe
This soldier does have no more fear

Farewell my true comrades, drink and sing songs 
In the land of my forefathers over the sea
One or two won’t make it back next time
But they will be sitting on this hill with me

Eventually I know you will all be here, a battalion together Ah Men
Then we will all march at once through the doors of Valhalla 
The Gods have work for good soldiers again.

© Tony McNally

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