The Blood Spangled Banner(Song of A Nation)(Remake of The Star Spangled Banner)

Thought For Food

oh say can you see

that something isnt right

and so proudly we hail

a country built on slav'ry

whose red stripes and bright stars

stand for perilous fight

O the natives we slaughtered

with their massacred children

and the rockets red glare,

that we only can have

gave proof through the night

that we are selective

oh, say does that world-power that you are free

if you are from this land and you do as they plan

on the shore, dimly seen

through the propaganda

the true foes dirty hand

in a disguise disposes

those who are with a breeze

of the truth in speaking

and does carefully blow

away the constitution

now it catches the gleam,

of this wakened eye sight

in no glory reflected

off eyes of a leader

'Tis the blood-spangled banner! oh long may we slave

O the land of deprived and the home of satan

'Tis the blood-spangled banner! oh long may we dive

Into lies of elite and the home of our graves

and where is that band

who so vauntingly swore

that the truth would be told

oh they are making money

A home and a country,

all leave us the same

the blood has washed a shore

but we swim passed the bodies

no refuge could save

the honesty from face

from the terror of men

or the gloom of the grave

and the blood-mangled banner in its truth do wave

O'er the land of deprived and the home of poor slaves

Oh! thus be it ever

when free men dont stand

between their loved home

and the wars desolation

the true evil paints the sky-

line with bloody barrens' hands

Praise the power that hath made

and preserved us a hating

thus conquering us

when the stones turned to dust

and the plan of powers

In one is their trust

And that blood-spangled banner is calling his name

To the land too easy with the fear of no names

And that blood-mangled banner is calling his name

To the land rolled downward from the house on the hill

And the blood-mangled banner is calling dark reign

on the men who care not and the home of the poor slaves

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