The Greatest Guard

Thought For Food

I followed a fine crack in the wall
With my eyes, from the top beam
To where it met up with
The common ground of my world
To see, who, if anyone, took
The slim chance of sneaking on through it
Across to this other side
Looking to bridge the divide


I'm the greatest guard
The finest protecter
Of "the way things are"
Even though the way things are, I say, sucks


Is the only
I've got that's worth a damn


It's the only thing,
Truth be told,
That separates me
From the rest of plebeians
Whom also aren't featured
And celebrated
In school books, the twitterverse and television


Though they
The general idea of me
When being the Greatest Guard
Makes the Authors of "The Way It Is"
Lots of money
And beautifies the baldachin


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