The Sky Is Broken

The sky is broken
I'm picking up the pieces
I'm scattering the ashes of an old friend
I don't understand the meaning
Of being a pathogen


It's star dust i'm breathing
An absolute disaster fills my lungs
If i could have ever been a beacon
Cooled plasma offers no change


The sky is broken
It's drifting up from the ceiling
I was walking on sunshine - now on our last breathes
Oh, who stepped on the dance floor just dreaming
Of taking us to higher planes


Was it I?
I was a shooting star
Shooting up
Burning right up through the atmosphere
Tearing apart the heavens
Trying to make brilliant sunsets
Trying to burn out bright
Did I burn the candle at both ends
And all of the swaying hands
Snuffed out concerts and vigils alike
Wasn't careful with what I wished for
Wasn't careful with what I wished for on the cake?


Was it i?
Look at the sky
It's fading as it drifts away
One small step for mankind
The sky is broken
Lifeless and limp as it floats into space


The sky - oh, earth!
A shaken up snow globe
With broken glass
At zero gravity
Doesn't evoke much joy
Not the joy of innocence
Not the joy i grew up with
Long buried under the nuclear winter
The beginning of my fireball
The sky is broken
Still drifting up from the ceiling
I'm shaking and shaking my lifeless friend
See, ever still there are ways 
To behave violently

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