Beyond the Realm of this Sinners World

Beyond the realm of this sinners world

Fires ignite, people are taken, the burning thoughts of hatred

Instilled upon us by human nature

Sadness, pain, tears, betray

Suicidal thoughts show us the way

Take my hand,

Take this step

Don’t let go

Just let yourself rest

Forgive me for taking your young soul away

Tarnished and used I set you free from the rest

The innocence is gone,

Never to return

The guilt has come,


Eyes of despair your gaze upon me,

Nothing to say just that im sorry

I took your dreams destroyed it all

Gave you a feeling forbidden by all

Addicted to lust, I showed you why

You took me inside you

Never asked why

The intensity releases and calms your mind

Just a split second the lust is a lie

As I lay next to your forbidden pose,

Enjoying the sight of your body disrobed

Forgive me world, I took my life

Couldn’t stand the thought

Of her trying to fight

The pain she wanted

I gave in to her

The louder her cries

The more I enjoyed

She tore herself into me

The pleasure of pain overcoming me

Losing my self inside of her

I couldn’t speak

In motion as one we danced to lust

And now I lay six feet under

The last dance lays with me

As she wonders

A sinner’s world

A sinner’s way

They bury my name in a dungeon far away

The heart is lost from the dance of lust

Now my body lies cold and numb

Goodbye I bid to the sinner’s realm

Her innocence I took to the grave

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