Dear Parents

Understand me mother

Who I am

The cuts are deep

From your hand

But the pain of absence

I cannot withstand

I love you mother

Please understand

Its not the same

Alone I am

No more a difference in salt or sand

The echoes are silent

Your voice Is not heard

I miss you so much

But I don’t tell the world

I wish you understood how my love differs

Never gave up, kept on trying

You never understood that I was crying

Love me father

For I have tried

Cut and bruised

But I stay and fight

A smile I longed all my life

Failure is,

How im defined

The son you see when you look at me

Not the son you want to see

From my heart

Through my eyes

A flood of love for you I cry

The desert longs a drop of rain

My heart yearns for the same

Maybe I failed but I love you the same

Don’t forget me, to both I say

Lost to the world from today

Disappearing into the vastness of silence

You wont hear me say

Ill be a better son

Another day

I leave my love but take my body

Where I am going,

You can be nobody

Loveless and empty Is what that means

So take my love

The failure left behind

You don’t want from me

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