1998 - 2010

Oblivious, you're not seeing that

I'm your favorite subject,

I'm the book your eyes have been

Itching to read.

You and I could be two of a kind

If that woman wasn't yours to claim.

If she wasn't everything you couldn't be

Your opposite.

But I complete your sentences.

My lips sing the music

Your drums have learned to play.

Yes. You and I could mold and bend

If that woman wasn't in the way.

You dig Bobby D, and your heart

Belongs to a vagabond.

Like me, you long for the place

Your body settles down.

And I love the way you say, "the blues,"

Like you've been etched into my skin.

But you say she feels like a woman,

And loves like a woman should.

But through my brokenness, I'm sure

I could make you forget.

She can be just a woman in your eyes,

And I can be your princess.

Oblivious, you're not seeing that

I'm the one you've been searching for

This woman is there to pass the time

How oblivious must you be to never see

That know you me like the back of your hand?

As oblivious as I must truly be to think

That I could make you mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written August 4, 2009

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