The Silence

1998 - 2010

You and I were walking down a narrow dirt road,
Under trees and void of grass with brush tall on either side.
The silence once was soothing until it sought out to divide
You and I. Our steps were tapping out of sync

As the moon began to rise your form I couldn’t recognize.
There was trouble in your eyes and fear dripping from your skin.
You wouldn’t take my hand. How dare you ask why I’m confused!
I followed through; you only dragged your coward feet.

So now this road is mine because I left you all alone
I let you go so I could learn that you worse than I deserved.
The silence gave me strength and showed me why my eyes were blind
That “you and I” was just my reason to be weak.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written July 22, 2010

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