Untitled -- 2.6.2007

1998 - 2010

If I give into God’s gravitational pull,

Though the path is darker than

It appears to be,

If I resist a strength that's bigger than me,

Do I fall left or right?

Do I crash from the inside out?

If I listen too close to the deafening sound,

Of my Father's voice, of His stern advice,

When my every move rests on His command

Do I take a breath when He pulls me down?

Do I shed a tear when He starts to cry?

When the power of hell is riding my heels,

When the shadow of grace is yet to be seen,

When the rain is thicker than the fog,

So thick that my eyes can barely see

Do I rely on my senses to carry me?

Do I fall in the hands of what’s dark and unseen?

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Written Feburary 6, 2007

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