1998 - 2010

Under a silk blanket

Laid out out on a suede couch

Listenin to a breeze

From the radio

Dimmed lights, shiny blinds

Bathed in a pool

Full of darkness

Hearing heavy footsteps

Four Floors Up

Running and screaming

Beating dusk

Before the sun

Hits the door

Window cracked for a silence

That's beautiful

Wrapped in silk

Sunk in suede

Bathed in a pool

Full of darkness

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written February 9, 2006

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Colin McNamara's picture

gives off a really nice relaxing image (save for heavy footsteps). Kind of makes one just want to lie their head back under a pagan sky and sleep to the blackness of night... just hopefully they'll wake up ok haha...