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Here you come

Like you've been here

You just got here

I could throw you away

Here I am

Standing in your face

Try me, test me

You won't enjoy your stay

Cause this is my home

Where I belong

You think you belong

You've made a mistake

Who told you

That here is ok

For you to reside

And make a life

Who told you that lie

Here you come

Wandering down the street

A smile so wide

Cheeks set so high

Allow Me

To throw your bags

At your feet

I'd love to see a tear

Fall from your eye

It's a price for being

So close to me

Here you are

You say you wanna stay

Please don't make

A mistake

Please just go away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written May 19, 2005

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salphire5's picture

There are very strong feelings in this poem! You have certainly expressed them well. I would love to know a bit more about the real story behind this. Well, it sounds as if he is very arrogant and unrepentant and that you are very hurt and ready to take a stand. Best of luck.