Look At Me

1998 - 2010

Look at me!

I'm a circus freak

Disfigured and deformed

From the inside out

I wear no make-up

To cover my defects

And enhance a gift

I was born without

Look at me!

Tell me, can you see

How broken and burnt

I am inside

The wreckage and baggage

I carry around

Feels like a thousand pounds

Yet it's the only constant thing

By my side

Look at me!

I want you to see

The naked truth

That I want you to know

I've had it with being

Laughed at and ignored

Like some circus freak

At the end of the show

Look at me!

But don't look too deep

I'm in desperate need

For a hand to hold

Affection and love

Is what I desire most

But it seems I am destined

To be alone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written April 18, 2005

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