The Girl of Your Dreams

1998 - 2010

That’s one…two…more seconds longer

That I must suffer from bad memories.

You’re the boogie man of my childhood


But I will sleep! I will conquer this!

You were a fatal sickness that left me


How could I fall for the pick-lines?

How could I let you woo my soul?

You saw I was fragile and clearly unstable

Still you sought me like I was the girl of your dreams!

And I watched you breathe when your chase was


I watched you breathe as you lied to me!

So much of my time was spent hoping

You’d see the good I’d done.

Hoping you’d see my willing hands.

Now my days are spent crying

Over my wasted time –

Hoping truth would fall from your empty lies.

The demon and knife of bad memories

Your fire consumed my dying flesh –

Burned and destroyed my confidence.

Now who can I love?

Tell me! Who can I trust?

Who will suffer because of what you’ve

Done to me?

I could escape three-thousand miles

But I couldn’t escape the memory of

Your flawless face, your fake esteem!

How easily you lied to me!

How hard my heart loved you so, and

How I longed to be the girl of your


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written December 25, 2008

For Campus Outreach: The Biggest Mistake of My life. Never Again.

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