Don't Wanna Let You Go

1998 - 2010

We've finally made it to the end

It seems the struggle was worth it

Out of all the people I've come to know

You're the one I'll miss the most

From your cowlick to your akward walk

Every sweet wink and the morning talks

I try real hard not to let it show

Cause inside I don't wanna let you go

God knows I'm gonna miss you so

Every bad day to every heartbreak

You were always there to ease the pain

Even that silly little dance we did

Memories I'll never forget

Your personality is so genuine

It's what makes you one of a kind

I wish you could see you through my eyes

And see the beauty you are inside

Thinking of goodbyes makes me cry

Forever I'd give you my hand to hold

Cause I still refuse to let you go

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written May 20, 2005

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