1998 - 2010

Dear Soul,

I can't forgive you

For what you've done to me

Thanks a lot for the weight

You've bestowed upon me

Don't forget the failure

That rests on my shoulders

It's not right that these emotions

Rest on me

It's not fair that this can't happen

To someone else

Dear Heart

I feel like you don't wanna

Be here

Like I'm a burden on your existance

I know, I feel the same

That doesn't mean you're free

To make my life living hell

Why do you listen to my brain

When it tells you the wrong thing

Are you that weak

To ignore what you feel

I don't care if you don't have

The strength

All your mistakes make pain

For me

Dear Mind

You're pushing me in places

I don't wanna be

Into dark memories

Forcing me to remember

I know deep down

You're laughing

When I can't see

Then you tell me lies

"This is how its supposed to be"

Dear Self,

Look at all the damage you've done

Why do you let you're guard down

When you're the one in control

Why are you so afraid

When you're better than that

What kinda sense is this

To let your soul fall apart

Let your mind take over

Your heart

It's all gone to far

Don't second guess

You'll just get hurt in the end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written Spring 2004aaaaa

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