What About Us

1998 - 2010

Anthems for the people with no food on their tables

And since there's money in our pockets

We're supposed to be greatful

Because we have what most people don't

It's impossible for our lives to be diffult

No, it won't reflect in our clothes

Cause we can't we can't let it show

The popular girl will still walk tall

And disregard what others say

As long as no one can see her pain

You can't see it with your eyes

It's hard times on the inside

All the love for the "less fortunate" ones

But what about us?

What about the kid with a razor blade

For a best friend

A pair of red sissors

A dozen rubberbands

His head heavy like a rock

His brain fightin the habit

That his body can't stop

No one believes when he says life is hard

And he can't show them how he's fallin apart

Now don't forget the girl that's praised

For being different

And put down cause she refuses

To blend in

Tired all the time

Cause she's under so much stress

Don't tell her, she knows

The dark circles are starting to show

Hidin her bruised lips

Cause she peels at her skin

To shed the flesh that makes her

Who she is

Telathons, marathons for the wheelchair bound

But no one gives a damn when we're feelin down

Everyone's at the feet of the little girl

That beat a disease to save her life

Who gives a fuck when we beat depression

For the third time

It only matters if we have a rundown home

Or chemicals are eating us at the bone

The only time people get emotional

Is when you're pain is physical

I know they all deserve some kind of love

But what about us?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written November 26, 2004

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