Break Down

1998 - 2010

She sits on the side

Hopin someone can see

The slouch in her shoulders

The crease in her brow

Still so many people

Pass her by

Only a matter of time

Before she breaks down

And cries

The hunch on his back

Is so noticeable

And the bruise on his face

Shines like gold

Yet his accomplishments

Are invisible

So he makes are final wish

And lets blood drip

From his wrist

Thinkin no one will care

If he goes

She always has a smile

On her face

Cause her scars are far

From physical

Waitin for someone

To look deep enough

And save her from

Her emotional distress

So she walks around with

A broken soul

Hiding her unhappiness

I keep my head down

So that no one can see

The pain that I display

Hopin someone will

Rescue me

But people still

Walk on by

Ignboring what's infront

Of them

I hope I'm not there

When they breakdown

And Cry

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written September 30, 2004

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