Letter to the Grave

1998 - 2010

Everyone wants me

To show love for you

Kinda hard to love someone

I never knew

The more I think about it

Might not make sense

It's almost as if

You didn't exist

Here I stand at your grave

Thinking of what to say

That'd explain my pain

And cure the rage

Your family leaves me

Nowhere to run

They act like they're

The only ones

To lose someone

Send a message to your mom

That I can't be her son

No one knows the trials

Of being your child

No tears to shed

For the long been dead

Here I stand openin a new door

And I refuse to be your little girl


Here I stand at your grave

Wanting something to say

It's been forever since

I've visted your resting place

Everyone tells me to be proud

To put on a smile

But they don't know what it's like

To be your child

Try having broken memories

And not hearing a thing

Living up to expectations

Of a man that didn't make it

An athesit representation

For a hardcore christian

They look straight through me

To get to you

Ignoring the heartache

It puts me through

Then they looks AT me

All they see is you

In my eyes

In my cheek bones

And it gets old

I'm tired of hiding

WHat I need to say

I want people to talk to me

Without saying your name

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written August 9, 2004

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