Wash Away

1998 - 2010

Standing in a ditch

Waiting for the flood

To come down on me

Surrond Me

And I swear

It's not deep enough

To wash away

The sorrow

That I'm livin in

Anything that'll clense me

Of my sins

And free me of

My guilty conscience

Wading in the water

Like healing power

Swaying back and forth

Swimming in my own filth

Walking in circles

Towards standing water

Arms wide open

To the pouring rain

Drowning in an ocean

Of dispair

Anything to ride me

Of the demon that resides

In the depth of my soul

Water rising

To some kind of heaven

I beg

Forgive me for

The hearts I've broken

The bruises I've made

The bleeding I've caused

I know I've done wrong

And betrayed anything

True to me

Damaged all opporunity

Wash away

All the fear

And all the lies

With head turned up

To the sky

Wading in the water

Like a church hymn

And I just want

This storm to end

I beg...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written August 9, 2004

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