Bear Down On My Heart

1998 - 2010

How many times can I get hurt

Till I fall to the ground

In jagged pieces

How many times can I look away

Without a million tears

Sliding down my cheek

The pain visible in my eyes

And the anger spread

Across my face

Symptoms of a shield

That has been broken

Bear down on my heart

That's attacking my brain

Stand there and watch

As my world falls apart

Go bear down on my heart

To stop me from dying inside

The ache running in my blood

Rising in my veins

Feeling short of breath

My lungs tightening up

Symptons of a deadly disease

Called love...

And it's never enough

Please bear down on my heart

I'm losing control

Limits drawn

And Boundries crossed

There's no turing back

And hope you asked

Is long gone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written August 18, 2004

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