Puerto Rican Rum

1998 - 2010

I fell in love on a September Morning

Hardly fifteen and barely stable

I remember the ocean in his eyes

When he played a song on his guitar

And I wanted to be there

Sweet Temptation

I can't wait

Day dreamin

Of a love; of my pain

A little lush on desire

Pass the Red vodka

And the Puerto Rican Run

Hypnotiq thunder, pour a glass

I don't know how long this pain will last

How long I can make it last

And he'll never know

Just how much I care


Combine with love

A new kind of lust

My favorite drug

Skin's addiction

Burning in the sun

Give me a drink

I want my Puerto Rican Rum

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written May 3, 2004

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