Already Dead

1998 - 2010

Living hell fire with a grin

Exposing my secrets living within

My heart burning extensively now

Broken love shattered around

Dead promises here by my side

Hidden Betrayal with no where to hide

Beautiful blood became my best friend

And my first love lodged in my head

Crazy enough to sleep soundly in bed

No where to die cause I’m already dead

Dead is the flight of the graceful white dove

Dead is the god that lived up above

Call me a liar call me his name

Call me either way it hurts just the same

Scrambled in pieces my body is torn

Living in fear till my life is born

A small little shiver runs up my spine

Large darts of love makin me cry

Dark stabbing pains while lying in bed

Cannot die here cause I’m already dead

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Written January 11, 2003

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Dead internally, or to others?
Poems good, excellent.

come to my corner and read my poetry, I dont think it's that great but I guess some people do, and you might like it.