Dying Inside

1998 - 2010

Iā€™m all alone, by myself

Dying inside with no one to help

I have no one to lean against

My world separated by a fence

Skeletons in the closet; anger and fear

Dying inside, with no one near

Tears slide down my face

Legs tucked in wasting away

Scared to die, now or never

Broken words, gone forever

Screams in the day, cold at night

Regretting the existence of my life

Only friends will ever understand

Life is in circles, over and over again

Dying Inside, nothing to show

Everything gone, everything goes

Tears on my face, sliding down my cheek

Wishing to drown in the big blue sea

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written Late 2002

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BLACK HAZE's picture

i really like this poem it is very deep reminds me of myslef in alot of ways all i can say is keep your head up