Little Green Notebook

1998 - 2010

She's sitting in a corner

With her head down

And no one seems to know her name

She's just a girl with a pen

And a little green notebook

Who knows what she's writing

What secrets she's hiding

How does she see the world

Through her sharp brown eyes

Does she write what she sees

And hope to capture the soul

Her thoughts fill up

Like running water

Still she feels all alone inside

All she has is a pen

And a notebook to tell everything

And still hold the magic

Of her broken tears

Now what is she hiding

In that little green notebook

What can she see

That other's can't

Maybe she's making a road

To another world

And there she might call herself


Is it the food to her soul

That she's trying to preserve

Or memories that she's trying to create

Anyhow, either way

It's wonderful

And maybe one day

She'll tell everyone

Maybe she's writing a diary

Maybe she's writing a love note

Maybe she's writing a letter

About how she feels

And thinks we're not ready

To comprehend

But the world so desperately wants

To Understand

She's more than just a girl

With a little green notebook

She's more than just a girl

With tears on her cheeks

She's more than another pair of eyes

To see the world

She's so much more

She's beautiful

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written Super Bowl Sunday 2004

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Hayley Bird's picture

Wow, i really like that poem.
Welldone and best wishes