Little Girl

1998 - 2010

Little girl, little girl

You don't have to be afraid

Use your magice to pursue

And live your life the way it should

Little girl, little girl

With the fire in her eyes

Love and only strength can help you survive

Don't runaway or hideaway

Conquer the world as yours to claim

Burn a hole in their souls and let your body fly

Little girl with the power to burn

Don't hide it within you, keep it by your side

Don't use it for mighty hell, but keep it right

Burn a little candle to keep you safe in the night

Small child, small child, growin up, growin slow

Keep it steady, you're just a girl

But no world is quite ready for you

You're daddy's gone, your mommy's gone

Don't you cry little girl

The world will soon be ready for you

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