Mind Games

1998 - 2010

Don’t refuse my right to cry

Tears are all I have left to show

Do so and I’ll be forced to say goodbye

I’m not afraid to leave

I can make it on my own

Don’t treat me like I’m less than you

Especially when I’ve defeated you

Sometimes we all lose control

We all get scared of the monster

That lives under our beds

But fear is about conquering

The demons that live in our hears

And taking over our other side

Those little whispers that tell us  lies

Don’t runaway from me

I know you don’t like me

But I’ve always loved you

Don’t get me wrong

Of course I hate you

Care for you is oh so bittersweet

Mind battles body and soul

Whoever said they come as one

Don’t leave me

I’ll only make you regret it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/17/04

from daughter to mother

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