Peter Pan

1998 - 2010

Peter Pan was a boy that knew how to fly

And he lived on an island beyond the sky

Peter was blessed with the best of luck

To be a kid that never grows up

With the aid and love of his fairy friend

His world known adventures soon began

One day Peter Pan flew down to the earth

In a desperate and guided search

To find a kid that felt he was stuck

And dreaded the day when he had to grow up

Instead of a boy to enter his world

He found instead a Wendy girl

He told her of all the people to meet

Pirates and mermaids in the sea

With much though and a twinkle in her eye

Peter taught her how to fly

He said, “Wendy fly as fast as you can

We’re going to a place called Neverland!”

He showed her things of a one time chance

And to her surprise he asked her to dance

She started to feel things like never before

What she didn’t know was it scared him more

Wendy tried to get Peter to understand

That a boy has feelings just like a man

She said, “Jealousy and happiness that make us up

Weren’t just made for people that choose to grow up.”

But instead of listening to her words of care

He flew in the air and left her there

When he flew into a rock and felt that pain

Forever young Pan lost his wings

All because he didn’t believe

That people his age could deal with those things

He thought it was for those that decide to grow up

That no one so young could fall in love

That’s when things seemed to go out of line

And Young Peter Pan started to cry

Suddenly he heard the sound of a ship

And silently he made a wish

That the men that sailed the water world

Wouldn’t kidnap the windy girl

And at that thought he went on a search

To see if he could find his girl

But she was gone and no where to be found

He wanted to scream but he heard a sound

Of pirates chanting in the oddest way

For Wendy to walk down the plank

He felt for her and he did believe

And suddenly Pan grew back his wings

He pulled out his sword and decided to fight

Not just for his sake but for Wendy’s life

The purpose for this was of much disgrace

But Peter was fighting with a smile on his face

With one final push the fight was done

Young Peter Pan’s battle was won

But the happiness only a short time it last

Wendy told Peter she had to go back

“My adventure was way too much fun

By some people, Peter, have to grow up

Although when I leave we’ll be far apart

You’ll always be with me in my heart.”

Still no moment sadder than this

Wendy gave Peter his very first kiss

With a sprinkle of magic on the pirate-less boat

Peter Pan finally took Wendy home

Wendy then said good-bye to her new friend

Then he flew away never to been seen again

She can never tell the truth about Neverland

Or the day she fell in love with Peter Pan

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/15/04

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