The Last Rise

1998 - 2010

Morning won't wait for the sun to come up,

And the night won't wait for the harvest moon.

So I'm going out alone, on my own.

And the fear collides with the evening rise.

Looking at my reflection through broken glass,

Searching for the little voice that's gone lost.

Looking through the forest and what do I find?

A bad girl rising in the distant night.

Looking through my window for my guiding light,

Wishing to the sky for my shining star.

The orbs of my eyes seem so far away,

And my twice clipped wings still fly so high.

And the bad girl won't set when the evening dies.

The cold breeze whisper sends a message to you.

And the newborn storm sends out a cry.

There's something brewing up in the night.

I can see the sun trying to come up too.

Now the sun and the moon are in a desperate fight,

Dueling for the rights in the damaged sky.

The sun sends a burn and the moon sends a cold.

Leaving me on Earth spinning out of control.

And taking my one last hope to hold?

Now the sun and moon never have a fight,

And the breeze stays quiet in the night.

Hope and love are full with life,

But the young night air stays half alive.

Because the bad girl soul had her last rise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

October 3, 2003

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