I Just Sit There

1998 - 2010

Like a tree in a park

Or a rock on a hill

I just sit there, Waiting…Wondering

When I hit rock bottom

Will the pain go away?

Will the troubles I face fade before me?

When the edge of a cliff stands before my eyes

Like an opportunity calling my name

The wind lifts my feet like a mother and child

Still I sit there ignoring the fate I see

The great fall of death wasn’t meant to be

Till I can figure out what’s troubling me

I just sit there, Thinking…Planning

The wind’s touch is as soft as a rose

Light as a feather yet my body is as heavy as my heart

It thumps and it thumps like a steady-beat drum

Louder and Louder, I can hear it speaking

The illusions I see tend to frighten me

Still I sit there, Hoping…Begging

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written Spring 2002

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