The Dying

1998 - 2010

Do the dying dare to dream

Is it their last memory

Is it vivid is it plain

Does it have any sound

Does your entire life

Flash before your eyes

Or do you see the good times

That you want to carry on

Does every mental scar

That's caused you pain

Disappear into thin air

Like it never came to exist

If you have a broken heart

Does it finally heal

Does it stitch back up

Like a spider's web

Do the secrets that you keep

That are buried so deep

Wash away from your brain

And you finally forget

Do the dying go to places

They've never been before

Do they travel the world

And call it fun

Do the dying smile

Do the dying sing

Do things still make them happy

Do their eyes still sparkle in the light

Do the dying still fly

As if they are alive

Is there peace in their souls

Is it calm in their souls

When the dying make a wish

Does it still come true

Do they get suprised

And when they do...

Do they cry

Can the dying fall in love

Can they feel the beat

Of their hearts

Does it sound like music

And put them to sleep

Do the dying dare to dream

Do the dying still smile

Do they feel pain

Do they finally feel whole

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/26/04

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