Untitled -- 3.27.2007

1998 - 2010

I hate pretending to be your friend

It's a lie that makes my stomach ache

I've stood enough verbal blows from you

A lot more than I'm willing to take

I hate the anger I always feel

At the sound of your arrogant voice

But I hate that your absence brings me peace

And your pain always brings me joy

Yeah, I hope you cringe when I yell at you

Hang your head as I shatter your pride

I hope for the day when I can stand before you

And express how I feel inside

I'm tired of kindness at other's expense

When my name doesn't sound sweet off of your lips

That affection your charmingly seek from me

I won't give, I won't love, I will fight

I ain't lyin when I scream at you

I ain't jokin with all of my tears

I push you away not I cause I want you close

It's because I don't want you hear

I'm not playing games, I'm not acting tough

I'm not kidding when I scream, "I have had enough!"

I'm ready to walk away

Turn your pretty blue eyes

To my dark back side

And watch me walk away

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Written March 27, 2007

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