Long Distance When She Is Abused

I don't know. And she doesn't even understand herself. And all I can do is talk and it hurts. Because I can't be there to hold her or to help her wrap the bandages or kiss each one and tell her it will be okay and we will make it through. Because I can't even touch her. And That is all I want to do at this point. I want to be able to hold her as she cries, because I know she is, even when she doesn't tell me.
I do, too. So badly. But she tried calling the police and that didn't end up well for her, he got really angry and the rest relies on her being believed.
No one else cares. She doesn't have friends. And the ones she does have don't care. The only reason she was clean was for me.
All the deaths around her and around me. She thinks there is a curse around her that kills everyone she loves and that it is spreading all the way to Virginia.
And she blames herself and hates herself and her dad was hitting her so hard his wedding ring broke her skin.

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Ya know. . . I still get

Ya know.



I still get really  bad memories from this. Still.

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I feel the sadness in this

I feel the sadness in this poem .

Just Smile :D

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It was not originally a poem.

It was not originally a poem. It is a true story, yes. But I was talking to a friend of mine and she told me just to let it all out and I was just typing my heart out. And these are some of the things I said. Not in any order, and not well phrased. But I can't hold her or touch her as she is states away and it pains me.

Thank you so very much for reading and commenting. And I am glad I could make my feelings known.

Thank you bunches,

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