I Have School Tomorrow

Do you like my mask?

Because I do.

Don’t I look like such a pretty girl?

Don’t I look like I am human, too?


Because I have school today.


I have to flirt with the right boys,

Stay away from the pretty girls,

I have to redo my make-up,

And make sure my bra isn’t showing.


These are rules I set for myself,

Not for the sake of others,

But for myself.

Because the real me can’t show.


Do you like my mask?

Because sometimes I do, too.

I have to be very careful,

Do I look like a straight girl?


Because I have school today.


Will your sons throw bibles at me, today?

I saw them do it yesterday to the gay boy in my class.

Will your daughters spread twisted rumors about me?

Because that is what they did to her.


As long as I stay in the rules I made for myself,

Stay within the lines,

Don’t give into my real feelings,

And don’t kiss the wonderful girl back.


“That little whore.

Did you hear what her and Sarah were doing?

Yeah, that.

They are going to Hell.”


I slipped up.

Where is my mask,

Why am I clutching Sarah’s hand?

I brought her down with me, too.


Everyone is giving me that look,

But no one is stepping in to help,

I can feel the punch before it hits my face,

Before it splits my lip.


Tell me,

All that were watching,

All that knew me before,

Was my mask that good or did you want one less gay child in the world.


I am just the abomination.

I am that sick girl who likes other girls,


But I can pretend.


Do any of you know a mask maker?

One that can make me pretty,

Make me normal.

Because I need a new one.


Because I have school tomorrow.










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