Lost in the Self Image

Looking at pictures of the way girls should be

Then I get lost In the self image of me

Seeing their beauty brings tears to my eyes

The pain that make-up can't seem to disguise.

"Beauty is only skin deep" I hear myself say

But skin is what they look at every day

Their skinny waists and clothes so tight

Makes a girl like me not feel so right.

What is it that they want? What do they see?

Why am I so caught in what I'm supposed to be?

They say I'm beautiful, but I don't have the look

Must be a stupid lie like the cover on a book.

Wasted time spent trying to straighten and style my hair

Make-Up shed when tears fall at night wishing he'd care.

Who am I to be kidding?  Who am I to blame?

I bow my head and walk in sinful shame.

Scars on my wrist bring back memories of the past

I wonder how long this ugliness will last.

Am I not good enough?  What can I do?

Maybe I just want to be recognized by you?

"Lost In The Self Image"

Rachael D. Frye

Feb.05.2007 [Monday 5:50pm]

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