Lost and Confused

Everyone looks at her with sickened eyes

The gloves on her hands show no disguise

For the razorblade has tore through again

Will her vivid memories and pain ever end?

All her days are left, now, out to be cold

She lives the life of a tale that goes untold.

She doesn't think she'll make it through the night

With these horrid thoughts, she can't be alright.

She lifts her head up, for the first time in years

Behind her saddened hazel eyes, there's a tear.

She brushes her brown hair out of her eyes to see

The world around her pass by. She wishes to be

Alone in this world; Lost and confused

Weary thoughts leave her feeling used.

She wants the love she had in her heart before

She now wishes her life were worth more.

"Can life really equal death" she asks herself over

Her heart feels so broken of a past that's covered

No one shall know what she has been through

She doesn't know what else to do.

She reads diaries of young teen girls to know

What it takes to never ever let herself go.

Poetry fills up sheets of paper to let out her pain

Her sleeves are covered with the bloody stains.

She goes on pretending that she is okay

Never knowing if she'll be alive the next day.

The razor blade is placed in a secret place.

The fake smile spreads across her face.

She feels hurt and yet still so alone,

She doesn't know if she can go on.

Leaving what she knows in her room

She knows her life is full of doom.

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